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Center for Energy Technology (CET)

The Center for Energy Technology is an energy-focused research institute at the Aalto University School of Engineering in Finland (in Finnish: Aalto-yliopiston insinööritieteiden korkeakoulu). The mission of the Center is to facilitate the development of new solutions to the energy field, e.g. new energy technologies.

The Center is coordinating all energy-related activities within the Aalto University. It facilitates energy research and development and supports education activities. The Center is coordinating research and education activities also within other universities, research institutes, industrial partners and financers.

The Center offers an interdisciplinary forum for those working in advanced fields of energy technologies. The Center is focused on research projects having a multidisciplinary nature or being beyond the capabilities of individual laboratories in terms of their facilities, administration, reporting etc. The Center is also a contact point, through which any initiative can be guided to those units that are the most competent for the task in question.


Doctoral Program in Energy Efficiency and Systems (EES)

The Doctoral Program in Energy Effiiciency and Systems is a national program for postgraduate students in the field of energy technology. The Center for Energy Technology is the responsible party to organize the activities of EES.

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